Jewels that can be worn in every occasion, with jeans as with an evening dress.

This is the style of Diana and Stella Molayem, two young Italian designers who work to give new life to jewellery. Everyday, with precious materials and stones they create contemporary-traditional pieces. Their jewellery is born from the desire to give new meaning to motifs found in antiquity.

Born in Italy from a Persian family of antiquarians with Russian origins, they spent all of their youth surrounded by beautiful objects of virtue. An experience that influenced their designs profoundly.

Today, Diana and Stella’s pieces give a sense of uniqueness, beauty and above all, love. A love for Art in all of it’s qualities.

The essential Molayem is contemporary. Precious jewelry pieces that are influenced by our background, our everyday life, our future. Our creativity comes from all that surrounds us; from our friends, our family, our trips.

From the desire to transmit love for art and to share something personal with our customers, by introducing a new kind of jewelry that is practical and at the same time chic and stylish. Beautiful harmonic pieces that enclose freedom of mind and soul.